Welcome. I am a fully qualified Reiki Master providing one to one treatments in London, offering a relaxed and welcoming home setting in Hounslow. 

The remarkable benefits of Reiki and other holistic therapies are becoming more and more recognised and growing in popularity as we strive to deal with the stresses of our daily lives. Reiki has been seen to aid in relieving these stresses across all aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and offers a deeply relaxing space to aid our healing journey.

I very much look forward to sharing that journey with you


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In light of the latest government advise on social distancing and travel restrictions, I am currently only taking bookings for distance healing sessions. A Reiki distance healing works in the same way as a face to face session and provides the same effects and benefits.

Reiki has been shown to boost the immune system, speed up the healing process and help with stress and relaxation, and can, I feel, be hugely beneficial in these difficult times.


I am currently offering Reiki distance sessions on a 'what you can afford' basis.

At a time where many of us face uncertainties with work, income, health and the understandable stress and anxiety that these things will bring, I feel a deep need for all of us to come together as one and help each other in whatever way we can. If that means you cannot pay anything, or would like to offer something else in return, then please don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask.


To book in, or to discuss a session further, please get in touch via the 'contact me' section below.

Eliott, London

"I so highly recommend Rupert, for a reiki treatment. He has definitely

got something special. I felt totally at ease, comfortable, and received an amazing treatment. He has such a gentle and caring character. I've had plenty of reiki treatments before, but I must say this is one where I walked away, feeling as if I'd been on a week long retreat of pure relaxation. I will definitely be returning for more."

Morven, London

"I felt completely relaxed throughout the session, and was amazed by how Rupert intuitively picked up on areas which needed some extra attention. Afterwards I felt a great sense of peace and I slept brilliantly that night. Rupert has a very kind and positive energy, and an extremely generous spirit. Definitely worth a visit."

Niamh, London

"Rupert has a lovely gentle energy that pervades everything he does. He made me feel at ease and welcome. His Reiki room is a calm and comfortable space which allowed me to relax. He works intuitively and knew just where to put his hands, throughout the session I felt at peace and safe. I didn't want it to end. I would definitely recommend Rupert, he has a true gift for healing."

"The wound is the place where the light enters you"



If you have any questions or wish to discuss or book a treatment, please send me a message or call me on the number below

Mobile: +44 (0)7768 068 316


Mobile: +44 (0)7768 068 316

Hounslow, West London

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