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A few words from my clients.....

“So so grateful to you for your incredible treatment. It was such a special experience for me, it was pretty priceless tbh. Being completely honest there's nothing I would change.”


“I loved your Reiki session so much! Felt I was flying for a week afterwards. I didn't know what to expect and I was so pleasantly surprised, I can't think of anything you could have done better for me at all. Thanks again!”


“I thought the Reiki was great - it being my first time I thought you explained it perfectly and checked with me what I would be comfortable with before starting. The bed was super comfy, music really relaxing and the room was a perfect temperature.”


"I had a wonderful distance Reiki session with Rupert. I felt amazing, re-energised yet so deeply relaxed that I could really let go and fall in and out of sleep while sensing the beautiful Reiki energy surrounding me.Rupert’s professional, straightforward and friendly manner will put you at ease, it feels like he has a smile in the heart.I kept enjoying the benefits from the session well after it was over, I highly recommend it."


"I was recommended to Rupert by another Reiki practitioner who wasn’t able to take new clients and can really see why. From the minute we connected, communication with Rupert is easy and uncomplicated. When first meeting, Rupert was extremely welcoming and made me feel instantly at ease. The treatment itself is extremely relaxing, I usually drift off or at least fall into a semi meditative state, which is so welcome after a day in the office. What is most appreciated is that Rupert takes the time to chat and take time to listen and advise on related topics. An hour of pure relaxation in a city full of chaos. Highly recommended!"


"Rupert is an incredibly gifted healer. His sensitive, intuitive approach provided me with a safe space to allow for a deep, profound healing to take place. His therapy studio environment is relaxed and calming, and I felt completely comfortable and at ease throughout the entire session. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


"I went to Rupert for a full treatment after two hectic and stressful weeks at work.The session was powerful and beautiful leaving me fully relaxed yet with an amazing gentle energy.My spirit was so lifted that I got home singing happily whilst cooking dinner. A rare moment in this crazy year.In the morning I felt I could take on the whole world and realised I was tackling tasks I had procrastinated on for quite a while and with a smile on my face.Rupert is very welcoming and gives an instant feeling of ease and simplicity.One of Rupert's very refreshing traits is that he is a listener, a rare finding these days.Rupert took time to listen to the after session feedback and was very happy to answer my questions.Thank you Rupert. Thank you Reiki."


"I have just had an incredibly powerful distance Reiki treatment with Rupert. He is very intuitive and has a naturally therapeutic manner - you know instantly that you're in safe hands. He accurately picked up on both some physical and emotional issues which he was very happy to spend time discussing with me afterwards in a very level and non-judgemental way. Towards the end of the treatment I began to feel very peaceful and settled and now feel lighter and rejuvenated. My left leg that I have trouble with almost feels like it has had massage - much looser/freer. Rupert is just the right mix of friendly and professional and you get the sense that he genuinely cares about your well-being and providing the best treatment possible. Highly, highly recommend."


"As soon as I met Rupert I immediately felt that I was in a safe and trusting environment. Rupert is a warm and kind person who took time to talk and listen.
I had a few reiki sessions with Rupert and at the end of each session I felt totally relaxed, calm and at ease with myself. The sessions helped me to let go of my negative feelings and my outlook on my situation changed I was much more positive going forward.
I have no hesitation in recommending Rupert and wouldn’t think twice should I need his help in the future. Thanks Rupert for all your help."


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