A few words from my clients.....

“So so grateful to you for your incredible treatment. It was such a special experience for me, it was pretty priceless tbh. Being completely honest there's nothing I would change.”

Monica W

“I loved your Reiki session so much! Felt I was flying for a week afterwards. I didn't know what to expect and I was so pleasantly surprised, I can't think of anything you could have done better for me at all. Thanks again!”


“I thought the Reiki was great - it being my first time I thought you explained it perfectly and checked with me what I would be comfortable with before starting. The bed was super comfy, music really relaxing and the room was a perfect temperature.”


"I so highly recommend Rupert, for a reiki treatment. He has definitely got something
special. I felt totally at ease, comfortable, and received an amazing treatment. He has such a gentle and caring character. I've had plenty of reiki treatments before, but I must say this is one where I walked away, feeling as if I'd been on a week long retreat of pure relaxation. I suffer from fybromylegia, and am in constant pain. But after the treatment, I felt amazing! Even my family commented on the difference when I returned home. I will definitely be returning for more. Thanks Rupert."


“Rupert is quite an incredible healer. You can truly feel his positive energy as soon as you meet him. He did a good job preparing me for the session and explaining the general idea of how reiki works.”

Monica R

"I felt completely relaxed throughout the session, and was amazed by how Rupert intuitively picked up on areas which needed some extra attention. Afterwards I felt a great sense of peace and I slept brilliantly that night. Rupert has a very kind and positive energy, and an extremely generous spirit. Definitely worth a visit."


"Rupert has a lovely gentle energy that pervades everything he does. He made me feel at ease and welcome. His Reiki room is a calm and comfortable space which allowed me to relax. He works intuitively and knew just where to put his hands, throughout the session I felt at peace and safe. I didn't want it to end. I would definitely recommend Rupert, he has a true gift for healing."


"I've had Reiki with Rupert more than once. He has an undeniably peacful nature, instilling calm instantly. His approach is professional and he shows care and attention. I would highly recommend Rupert."


"Rupert is a warm, caring practitioner with a calming presence that really comes through     in his Reiki treatments. I would highly recommend him!"