I offer one to one treatments in a comfortable and relaxing home setting in Hounslow, West London; or distant treatments which can be provided to any location or timezone. A one to one treatment lasts for approximately one hour with time allowed for a full consultation beforehand and a brief reflection afterwards. Teas, water and a friendly smile are always available


£70 - 1 hour


£280 - Course of 5 treatments

Treatments are given either with the hands placed on the body or raised slightly above it depending on what you are most comfortable with. I provide a relaxed and safe space to allow whatever healing is most beneficial to you in the moment


£50 - 1 hour

If you are unable to come to me for any reason, a Reiki distance treatment provides the same benefits as a one to one treatment. I will usually ask to have a chat with you in advance to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you my have, along with a follow up once the treatment is complete

Cancellation Policy: 

Please try and provide 24 hours' notice for any cancellations or you may be subject to a £20 cancellation fee